DC706 Comms Channel is Live!

This is just a quick update based on some discussion that spawned from the first ever DC706 meeting. There was a clear desire to establish some sort of communication channel for the organization be it IRC, Slack, Discord, or some other group chat service. When DC706 was created, we knew we would need to establish comms via something like IRC at some point, but the strategy initially was to solidify some of the more practical aspects of running an organization first (branding, where to meet, what to do, etc...) before jumping into the social aspects of it.

Now that DC706 is formally established, it is time for us to establish a formal comms channel for our members. We've done just that, introducting the DC706 discord server!

We have already established a variety of organization structures within the server including: Originally we were going to go with IRC. It's tried and true, and everyone knows the most 31337 h@x0rz use it. After much deliberation, and feedback from our brand new organization members, we decided that Discord would be the best medium to facilitate our comms. We may experiment with some IRC syncing in the future as a fallback of sorts, but for now we feel Discord will help facilitate this community the best and we hope our members find great use of it.

Our discord is open to the public, and only requires that you have verified email address on your account. We will be moderating membership to some extent to faciliate events and permissioning structures, but this is a free and open community true to the hacker mantra. Come share information and be a part of our community, you will find an invite link on our new COMMS page on our website!

- 3ndG4me