DC706 2022 Update - Back in Action!

Hey everyone! I am pleased to announce that with the success of our hybrid "Propane Beta Test" we are planning to conduct hybrid meetings starting in February of 2022.

Our next meeting details can be found in our meetings tab on the site and we will begin to update the website again accordingly. The first meeting may come with some hiccups as we figure out remote audio/video but we have all the tools we need to make it work.

Even if you can't make it in person please be sure to join our Discord found at the COMMS page on our site. From there you can participate in the talks, Q/A, and CTF activities we have remotely. In person we will continue to offer the same fun activities like lock pick villages, learning resources, and swag so if you can make it in person we'd love to see you there!

Thanks to all those who supported us and have come to hack with us over the last two years, let's keep it up!

- 3ndG4me